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Welcome! We're friends who met swimming in college and bonded over watching SNL clips in the library instead of writing papers. Now we're theoretically writing about TV on this site instead of just in endless texts to one another. (It's mostly still texts.) We're from opposite coasts, now both Midwest-based.

For clarity,

Annie (brown hair, orange shirt) = Meat = Meaty

Alison (blonde hair, orange shirt) = Al = Big Al

Also for clarity, we were almost certainly both drunk when this picture was taken at 9am.

Success! Message received.


PLEASE get in touch with any thoughts/requests/questions you have! We're thirsty for attention.


For example*:

- "Why does The Good Wife title card always come SO LATE in the episode? WHY?"

- "I'm about to start [this one show]. Do I need to watch all of it? Is it good right away or does it need some time to find its footing? Is it better binged or watched in installments?"

- "I want a show that has the sparkle of Gossip Girl but the relationships of Gilmore Girls. What should I watch?"

- "Can you please watch that one self-referential dramedy that's airing on an online streaming platform and tell me if it's good?"

- "I'm in a bad mood and want to watch something that will distract me from my feelings, but don't want to be watch anything that would make me feel better because that would be annoying. What show would do this for me?"


*These are mostly examples of things Al has texted Annie.


Annie's Top 5 most beloved shows:*


*Subject to change at any time, for any reason or whimsy.


Alison's Top 5 Most Beloved Shows:*

  • The Office (9 seasons, NBC, 2005-2013)

  • The West Wing (7 seasons, NBC, 1999-2006)

  • Parks and Recreation (7 seasons, NBC, 2009-2015)

  • Broad City (4+ seasons, Comedy Central, 2014-present)

  • Transparent (4+ seasons, Amazon, 2014-present)


*Subject to change at any time, due to mood or most recently eaten meal