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SNL: Tiffany Haddish & Taylor Swift

Al's take

This was a delightful episode. Tiffany Haddish is a star of the brightest order and I have a blanket with Taylor Swift’s face on it. She is my oldest love. I had mixed reactions to the pre-album release singles (but respect her artistic prerogative to experiment and develop, and she does not need to keep my personal tastes in mind while doing so) but love love love the full album (listening to it right now and always) and it made me very happy to watch her perform. I think especially because it’s been three years since her last album, it has become too easy to forget that her occupation is not “celebrity” but “musician,” and it was so nice to be reminded of that.

But enough. I have volumes of thoughts on Taylor Swift, but this episode was Tiffany’s. In reviewing the sketch list just now, I’m surprised at how many of them I didn’t *love* because my overall impression of the episode is so positive. It was just all Tiffany. Every time she was doing anything I was happy. If she were cast on the show right now, I think that she’d become the show’s co-star alongside Kate almost instantly. Honestly, that’s an amazing idea. Lorne, add her to the cast.

Favorite line: “Have I both fostered and benefited from a system of oppression? No?! Well that’s a relief!” [Because context is king, I'd like you to know that this was said by Jeff Sessions, talking to a taxidermied possum who is his Papa. Of course.]

Favorite sketch: Tournament Fighter. Normally I prefer narrative sketches over goofy concept ones, but Tiffany was so, so funny in this. She also must have incredible upper arm strength. My ‘ceps (both bi- and tri-) were burning watching her.

Runner up: The Dolphin Who Learned to Speak. Take Aidy and Kate, add lines like “Who’s going to j me o?” and multiply by Tiffany’s reaction shots. *Kissing fingers.*

Favorite moment: Claire from HR. Cecily, this was perfect. “She’s living her gd life and it has nothing to do with you!!!!!”

Runner up: Yes I know I’m diminishing the impact of choosing a favorite anything by adding as many runner ups as I want but YES TIFFANY YES WEAR YOUR CLOTHES AGAIN AND AGAIN. YES. INSANITY not to

Final thoughts: I CAN’T WAIT FOR CHANCE THE RAPPER NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Meaty's take: Al has basically said it all, my impression of this episode was also very positive and I just had more FUN watching it than some of the recent episodes.

Favorite sketch: I'm very excited to report that Al and I agree! It's tournament fighter. For me, goofy concept sketches (as Al has so aptly named them), when they're pulled off right, are my favorite. Tiffany as Boo Boo Jeffries, a fighter option that the gamers were completely unaware of until now, is so hilarious.

When they look into her player profile to find her attacks and stats, she lists her weaknesses too. "Other weaknesses: large groups" floored me, I was laughing so hard. Like what the fuck is this sketch. Extra props to Mikey for knowing EXACTLY how to stand/bounce around in readiness like a Street Fighter player. AND for Alex as "my sister's husband Mark." Hooo boy, it was good.

Favorite line: Honestly I think it's "Other weaknesses: Large groups" But I also want to give a shout out to the appearance of a "Colin Jost's Dad doesn't love him (TM)" joke: "The state of Vermont has officially recognized ultimate frisbee as a high school varsity sport. Dad." AHAH.

Favorite moment: The tiny detail in "Get Woke with Tamika" where the slogans for the show's sponsors are actually real slogans of other companies. Example, the show was brought to you by "Russia" but the slogan was "We'll keep the light on for you" which is the the actual slogan for Motel 6.

Like, who thought of this, and why, and can we hang out later?

Final thoughts:

- How is Jeff Sessions STILL funny? Most importantly, the introduction of the possum, a genuinely terrifying animal that DOES look like it could be part of Sessions' family tree, allows me to link to this, my favorite piece of internet writing of all time, from certified genius Mallory Ortberg and the dearly departed The Toast.

- Wow, Claire from HR. Wow wow wow. Just, every line, every gesture she makes. "Well, it's all of you." Cecily is solid gold.

- I always love the Kyle and Leslie are in love pre-taped sketches, but I particularly loved this one wherein Colin Jost had a Deep Throat moment, but he was wearing the girliest trench coat and hat.

- I GOT SO MANY POINTS for this episode yay! Thank you Jason Sudeikis for gracing us with your (very brief) presence, and to Beck Bennett for being in all the things.

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