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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Season 3 Predictions

After the Season 2 finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I was so blown away that I made a list of all the possible avenues the show had set up for itself to explore (this is how I entertain myself). Since Season 3 has started some of these have obviously emerged as front-runners/started to be used, but this show has yet to drop a promising story line, so I have faith that it will at least touch on most of these, and I can't wait to see how. <duh, spoilers>

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  • WTF is up with Hector and his mom?

  • I love Heather and Valencia and want MORE of anything from them, ESPECIALLY as a duo

  • Dig into Rebecca’s past (see: manila envelope labeled: REBECCA BUNCH’S PAST, very cool & exciting & mysterious, even though we know what’s probably in there)

  • Hot boss – mad chemistry with Rebecca

  • Paula in law school

  • Paula and her husband

  • Revenge on Josh

  • The premise of this show is Rebecca pursuing Josh - what happens when that's no longer happening?

  • Daryl and White Josh – literally anything about their relationship, especially this kid question?? (Although I don’t like babies in tv shows, so I kind of hope this isn’t the avenue they go down, even though I love Daryl and White Josh more than anything, and would take more of any storyline with them in it)

  • Hot boss’s dad issues

  • HEY! He and Rebecca both have dad issues!

  • Rebecca and therapy

  • Where the hell is Greg

  • TRENT. Wild card!

  • What’s up with the law firm? How’s it doing? / Career stuff